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"哦,原来是这样啊!" 这句话用英语怎么说?

Aha, so that's it! Oh, I see!

"Ok, I see!" 若有疑问,欢迎追问。

翻译如下: 原来是这样 That's it 或So that's the way it is 例句: 原来是这样,这就是你的计划吧? That's it, huh? This is your plan?

◆【原来是这样】在不同的语境下有不同的语气含义,所以要有多种译文: 原来是这样 Turned out to be such(结果被证明是这样啊) 结果是这样 The result is that 没想到是这样的 Didn't think so 才是这样的 Is so

We wouldn't have been like this. (wouldn't have done sth本来不会做某事的事实上却做了。)

oh!it is that

1. What is that? 比较着重不敢相信的语气,美语口语常用。 What happened?美语口语常用,注意不能够说 what is happened! 2. Em... You see.....你看。。。这个可用来说出不得已的理由或者是某些本来就是自己理亏理由。 Things happened just ...

So that's it.. So it is

原来如此 so that is what(how) it is.; I see.; it explains the matter.; so that's how matters stand.; that accounts for it.

原来如此 [词典] So that is what [how] it is.; I see.; It explains the matter.; So that's how matters stand.; [例句]你的所谓杰作原来如此呀! So this is your good works!


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