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"哦,原来是这样啊!" 这句话用英语怎么说?

Aha, so that's it! Oh, I see!

"Ok, I see!" 若有疑问,欢迎追问。

So that is what [how] it is I see It explains the matter. So that's how matters stand. So this is your good works 你的所谓杰作原来如此 呀 'Oh,'he sneered,'that's it! “ 嘿, ” 他冷笑一声, “ 原来如此! So that's how it's done! 原...

这句话应该看用在什么场合,正式的用法: Oh, so that's how it is. 有时候也可以简单的说“Oh, I see.”。

原来如此so that's it. 原来是这样get it

本来就是这样: As is 开价,本来就是这个价格 opening price 我们买这张桌子的时候它本来就是这个样子。 We bought the table as is. 只对你自己党派的成员演讲是不会得到新选票的,因为他们本来就是你的支持者。 You can't win new votes by ad...

We wouldn't have been like this. (wouldn't have done sth本来不会做某事的事实上却做了。)

◆【原来是这样】在不同的语境下有不同的语气含义,所以要有多种译文: 原来是这样 Turned out to be such(结果被证明是这样啊) 结果是这样 The result is that 没想到是这样的 Didn't think so 才是这样的 Is so

oh!it is that

“哦,原来是这样啊,的英文翻译 "Oh, that's the way it is," 重点词汇 原来original; former; so; turn out to be; formerly 这样such; so; like this; this way; in this way


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