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转让的英文是:transfer 股权转让协议:Shares Transfer Agreement

原价转让的意思是:以原价来转让(怎么转让?是以原价转让!这个原价是副词) at cost ad. 照原价(照成本) I can spare you some, if you want, at cost. 你如果想要,我可按成本让给你一些。 I will sell this remnant to you, at cost. 我愿将...

可以这样说 Shop transfer Store transfer

房产转让需要什么手续 What procedures will be necessary for the transfer of real estate? 重点词汇释义 房产house [building] property 手续procedures; formalities; procedure; process; routine

股票常用专业术语 开盘价: 是指当日开盘后该股票的第一笔交易成交的价格。如果开市后30分钟内无成交价,则以前日的收盘价作为开盘价。 收盘价: 指每天成交中最后一笔股票的价格,也就是收盘价格。 最高价: 是指当日所成交的价格中的最高价位...

转让商标 [词典] [法] assign a mark; [例句]技术转让注册部门主管会议转让注册商标经核准后,予以公告。 The assignment of a registered trademark shall be published after it has been approved.

对应的英语: The procedures for a company in sale.

“债权转让协议”翻译成英文: Creditor's rights transfer agreement

Definitions Unless otherwise defined in this agreement and any reference to legislation, the following terms and expressions will have the following meanings: 1. Shareholder Rights: Given the Transferor has subscribed to the r...


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