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spare sb. sth. The new regulation about limiting the number of cars on road can spare travelers a lot of time. The new regulation will spare a lot of time for the travelers. 如有问题,欢迎继续追问:) 求采纳~

Spare 作动词时,有抽出,饶恕,赦免的含义,有你说的这种用法,我实在牛津高阶上查的

为……腾出…… 为……节约…… 如有帮助 请采纳 再会

抽出点时间做什么事 spare-抽出,饶恕,赦免


有 业余做某事的时间.、 spare some time for sth/doingsth 给某物/梦想一些时间


make an effort to do sth 努力,为一般用语 make every effort to do sth 尽一切努力 eg:I will make every effort (ie:do all I can) to arrive on time.我将尽一切努力准时到达. spare no effort to do 不遗余力 有spare no effort doing sth ...

spare sth. with sb 也可以是 share sth with sb


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